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Posted By OmegaCor Technologies on 03/29/2020

Pizza Delivery for Remote Workers

Pizza Delivery for Remote Workers

Like all companies OmegaCor Technologies is faced with a new reality and the challenge of remote workers and employee engagement.  CEO and Founder, Nabil Sheikh, deeply cares about each person on his team and wants to play a role in both their lives and their happiness.  

Nabil will be the first to admit that during these trying times of managing clients fears, sudden cash flow challenges, employee fears and getting the work done the balancing act can be overwhelming.  He found his personal stress is relieved by putting others first and showing his care for others.  It is out of this scenario that he and his leadership team orchestrated the mass delivery of pizza to their home workers.

They have new daily huddles and a weekly video call around lunch on Fridays.  During this video call, the team can get updates on clients, discuss concerns but mostly they just try to connect and have fun together.  As the call began on this Friday, Nabil announced to the team, please do not make or eat lunch and make sure you are ready to answer the door. The team was initially confused by this announcement until the first doorbell rang.

Suddenly the team understood what was going on.  The fun was waiting as the next teammates door rang.  With people disbursed around the Baltimore region, OmegaCor had to utilize multiple Pizza companies and their were different levels of timeliness.  The last pizza delivered was more than an hour late but it actually added to the fun as the team collectively celebrated when the final delivery was made.

OmegaCor Technologies is one the Baltimore and Washington region's top Managed IT and IT Support company. The entire team knows this will be a long haul but collectively they remain committed to serving clients and their needs.