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Posted 09/28/2022 in Category 1 by Kirra Sherman

Following your Intuition in Business

Following your Intuition in Business

One of the things I've been told by my own mentors throughout the years is that what is easy and simple to do is that it's just as easy and simple NOT to do. 

As a business owner, the stakes can be really high with every decision you make. So... do you listen to yourself? When the feeling or inspiration strikes when making a decision, do you follow your inner knowing?

Most business owners have a sense of their intuition especially entrepreneurs. They've seen what happens when they don't listen, which usually creates a result they just knew they didn't want. I've seen people hire when they had the gut instinct not to and it didn't work out or caused team problems, even though they appeared perfect on paper. And they've seen what happens when they do listen, which can feel risky, but pays off.

When your intuition nudges you, do you listen? Or do you negotiate, and go back and forth, in your mind about whether you should or shouldn't, weighing all the potential possibilities? What if you knew that your intuition was right about the decisions you should make? 

Most people I know do not always listen to their inner feeling. So why not? From working with people for over 10 years, it's fear that what their feeling says won't work out. There is a payroll you're responsible to, families you support, including your own. Or they just aren't sure their feeling is actually true and right. They use strategy, the economy, logic, and often fear in their decisions playing it safe when their inner guidance is screaming for something else.

As an intuition consultant, I am privy to thousands of decisions in business. I've supported people in doubling their teams successfully and helped take valuations up just by helping people follow their inner feeling with less stress and more time available for them, just by supporting them to follow their own intuition. I've helped people start new businesses just on a feeling that said, the time is right. 

During the pandemic one owner was afraid to hire a person, but when asked what his feeling was, he said he felt intuitively to do it. He had the same doubts anyone could have, like, I can only make payroll for the next few months. Since then he has more than doubled his team, just by listening to that feeling despite the pandemic, fear of the unknown, and every indicator in the economy pointing to it being a bad decision.  

Just a little reminder from one who has been following my intuition for over a decade and supporting business owners in following their: your innermost feeling, knowing, your intuition wants for you what you want. The feeling of your inner knowing is the only thing I've experienced that surely knows what's possible for me in any given moment. Other people can't tell me, strategy is limited, and there are a million factors that the thinking mind can't possibly understand, but my inner feeling always seems to be guiding me for what's right for me.

Intuition always seems t knows what's possible for you if you just go with it. It will help you decide who to hire, who isn't right for your business, or whether someone would be great in a different role. And when you're in that kind of alignment, things begin to organize and create themselves with a team behind you that is stoked.

Free tip: next time you have a business decision and your knowing strikes, DON'T THINK about it, just do it. You'd be amazed at how many things you'd love to happen just begin to happen by saying YES to that inner feeling. 

I hope this helps you trust yourself more and that your business flourishes. 

Kirra Sherman

Intuition Consultant


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