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Posted 09/25/2020 in Uses Cases by Craig Burris

How to Do Social Media Recruiting with Diversity & Inclusion in Mind

How to Do Social Media Recruiting with Diversity & Inclusion in Mind

Most employers offer incentives to their employers to help them find quality recruits.  Here are five easy steps to get a massive audience of recruits by tapping into the social networks of your team.

1.   Launch your diversity and inclusion initiatives on poweredbyCULTURE.  With the easy to use, company culture brand builder, you can communicate your workplace culture and highlight your commitment to DEI.

2.   Create a schedule of semi-monthly or monthly posts with images, videos or stories around the exciting initiatives, culture highlights that you accomplishing as a team.

3.  From your poweredbyCULTURE brand page you can share each post to your social media and hashtag or connect with the key people at your company.

4.  Encourage your team to share as well by providing incentives for shares, likes or reposts.  Make sure your posts are genuine and would be things your team would be proud to share on their social media.

5.  Once your team is used to receiving and participating social posts, start including job opportunities at the bottom of each posts.  

Each of your team mates could have as many as 2,000 followers, if you have 50 employees you now have a targeted recruiting audience as many as 100,000 people.  If done right, this audience has been made aware your brand, your commitment a vibrant, diverse and inclusive culture.  So when the job posts arrive they will share them around with relevant applicants.

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