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Posted 04/24/2019 in Member Post

Owner Operated Sales Culture - Why Your Growth Stops

Owner Operated Sales Culture - Why Your Growth Stops

The inability to successfully transition from an owner operated sales culture is the number one reason why companies reach a peak and stop growing.  In my opinion, it also becomes the number one reason for Founder burn out.  This is not just a soloist pain point I have seen exist in companies of all sizes and across all industries. 

I have seen this challenge in Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Government Contractors, Tech Companies with as many 150 employees.  All great companies but the founder currently has an unfulfilled desire to see their creation self perpetuate.

First let me share some traits of an owner operated sales culture.  

- Most if not all of the current clients have come because of the founder or founder team.

- The organization has a history of hiring unproductive sales and marketing personnel, including subcontractors.

- The number one frustration is transparency into what sales teams are doing.

- Usually, waits about 6 months before assessing if a new business development person is helping them.

For those determined to see this evolve, it is still possible, but some organizational shifts must occur. 

CULTURE:  Great sales people are a unique breed.  Although money motivated, many are passion based and need a reason great than self to exert their energy.  The right culture will make them excited to work and proud to talk about the product and company.

SYSTEMS:  Most businesses understand how important it is to systematize everything.  For some reason they overlook sales.  What is the process to handle inbound leads, to prospect, to go to events.  New business is created by the successful execution of a series of "projects" systematize, measure and adjust.  

AUTOMATION:  Until the creation of Sales Enablement Technology this just was not possible to do.  This technology like SALESROCKIT gives every business the ability to create an automated, repeatable, turnover proof system to create new business.  You can hire news reps and have them run the system.

OVERSIGHT:  We have all heard "inspect what you expect".   If your going to shift your culture, create systems, install automations, you want it to be easy to see what your team is doing and what the impact of those behaviors are.

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