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Bjuiced, LLC

Food Services
Fenwick Island, Delaware, 19944

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Posted By Bjuiced, LLC on 12/08/2021

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Healthy Ingredients

We strive to use the freshest ingredients....

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Juice Bar Barista

300 Coastal Hwy, Fenwick Island, DE 19944, USA


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Bjuiced, LLC Reviews

Submitted by Bjuiced on Monday, May 03, 2021

Commitment to Health and Wellness

Great to work at a place where are helping people be healthy and inspiring each other to stay focused on complete wellness. 

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Healthy Made Easy

    Learn about our Commitment to our Workplace Culture.

  • The Pledge we Make to Employees that Join our Team
  • This will be the best job you have had. You will have fun, work hard and promote a healthy, mindful lifestyle.
  • Culture Initiatives, Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability Efforts
  • We are committed to the freshest nutrients to promote a healthy life. We are also determined to finding and promoting farms and producers who are organic and not chemically treating their produce.
  • Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion
  • We are committed to a workplace culture that is inviting and safe for all who join us in our mission.
  • What we do (products & services)
  • We promote a healthy, mindful lifestyle by offering fresh and delicious juices, bowls, smoothies and more.
  • How does what we do align with our culture and attract certain types of employees.
  • Our products will attract like minded individuals who understand freedom comes with great health.
  • Why you will appreciate our office space, layout and environment.
  • Our stores are clean and bright and always near the beach.
  • Here is our commitment to wellness and fitness
  • Our hours are 7-2. We encourage our team to get up early, work out, enjoy the sunrise. Each team member is offered discounts on our fresh nutrients and provided a monthly stipend to be used for workouts, yoga classes etc.
  • Our process for career development or job advancement programs
  • We are looking to find people to run locations in our expansion plans. We will train you and give you the opportunity to lead others.
  • How often do host employee meetings with CEO or leadership?
  • Monthly
  • How we handle employee recognition or appreciation programs
  • We encourage our team to also grow our community. Each month we identify the biggest impact maker.
  • Things we do to promote engagement and relieve stress.
  • We encourage a healthy lifestyle, eating right and to be mindful. This is turn serves to create a stress-free lifestyle.

About Bjuiced, LLC

We Hire on Energy, Not Experience
Quick on your feet?  Brighten the room?
Happy? Inspirational? Driven?

We want people like you.  Motivated, health-conscious, and driven individuals who would like to work in an environment where you are making a difference in people's lives.

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  • Bjuiced, LLC
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  • Location
  • 300 Coastal Hwy
    Fenwick Island, Delaware, 19944
    United States