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About Jobrise

Jobrise is a national social enterprise that achieves two specific outcomes:

1) Solve employer turnover and retention problems with incredibly loyal and hardworking talent; 
2) Provide life-changing employment for the formerly incarcerated.          

We believe that potential is universal, but opportunities are not and exist to create economic opportunities for hard working individuals determined to earn a second chance.                        

We have found that candidates who face barriers to employment, and successfully pass our vetting process, make better employees. Our extensive screening process reveals not just technical skills, but also attitude, work ethic, and loyalty. We exclusively work with candidates who can objectively demonstrate their track record of professionalism, hard work, and dependability.                        

Don’t just take our word. Here is a quote from an extensive research paper from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, entitled: Criminal Background and Job Performance       

“Using a unique source of data, we hope to have shed some light on actual firm hiring behavior and the job performance of those with a criminal record. In particular, we find that employees with a criminal record have a much longer tenure and are less likely to quit their jobs voluntarily than other workers. We further find that in certain jobs, employees with a criminal record are no more likely than those without a record to leave their job involuntarily or for reasons of misconduct. These workers with a criminal background appear to be no worse than, and possibly even better than, workers without such a background.”                        

The results are exceptional candidates, who in turn, lower turnover rates and increase company productivity. We look forward to the opportunity to partner closely with you. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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