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Posted By Frost Law on 12/03/2021
Job at Frost Law

Job at Frost Law

Frost Law

As a premier law firm in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, Frost Law has rapidly expanded over the past few years. The Frost Law family looks to grow in size, as the firm's outreach and clientele grow.. Our impact in the foreign tax field has allowed us to diversify our client base to expand nationwide. 

Our company values revolve around four key points: Empathy, Focus, Sensibility, and Enterprising. With these values in mind, our client-focused work drives our firm. Founded by Glen Frost in 2011, Frost Law comprises over 30 attorneys, specializing in Tax Law, Business & Employment Law, Estate Law & Planning, Litigation Law, and Family Law. 

What sets Frost Law apart from other firms is its dedication to excellence, while building a collaborative work environment. With attorneys practicing in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Florida. Frost Law has a commitment to pro bono work, being awarded the ‘Firm of the Year’ from the Pro Bono Resource Center and the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service. Our dedication to our clients and our work is unparalleled. Frost Law is also recognized by Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, and Martindale-Hubbell based upon our excellent client service. Those interested in joining our ever-expanding team, or interested in learning more about us, can reach out below.