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The Vane Brothers Company



About The Vane Brothers Company

The Vane Brothers Company has served the maritime industry for more than 120 years, providing a wide range of services that includes ship bunkering; the delivery of marine lubricants, stores, and non-potable water; and inspection of onboard safety equipment.

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Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion
We pledge to always provide customers with preferred, quality service that consistently meets or exceeds their expectations. We are committed to developing the safest possible marine transportation system achievable, with emphasis on preventing injury, loss of life, and damage to the marine environment and property.

Our focus on safety is promoted within our company and throughout the marine industry. We continually strive to conduct operations with zero spills and zero incidents.

We value every business relationship and vow to approach each job with professionalism, passion, integrity and efficiency. That’s the VANE WAY, the way it's been since 1898.
What we do (products & services)
Ship bunkering. Dock-to-dock transfers. Safety equipment inspection. Launch deliveries. Marine Gas Oil sales ... Vane Brothers' highly trained workforce delivers these and other integral maritime services and products from convenient locations along the U.S. East, West and Gulf coasts, guaranteeing unsurpassed efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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The Vane Brothers Company
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