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Compass Marketing

Annapolis, MD 21403 US

About Compass Marketing

Compass Marketing is an industry leader in consumer goods. We bridge the physical and digital space by combining rich data, powerful insights, and technology with human creativity and expertise to Help Great Brands Do Great Things.

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Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion
What we do (products & services)
At Compass we navigate the complex marketing landscape. The sea of commerce is huge, you need sure-handed guidance. Our people are trained to think beyond physical or digital borders, and to look for the white space where smooth sailing offers opportunity to gain advantage. With a craftsman-like approach to blending art and technology, we make marketing work harder. By “harder” we mean more effective. By “effective” we mean driving impact with every marketing dollar spent. Both on-screen and off, we find opportunity for brands to prosper.

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Compass Marketing
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222 Severn Ave
Annapolis, Maryland, 21403
United States