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Steve Morris

Marketplace Partner
Founder at Catylator LLC

About Steve Morris

I help connect your purpose, vision, culture and strategy with your teams so you can be aligned on WHY you are in business, WHERE you are going and HOW you are going to get there.  

I do this because I believe everyone has a unique contribution to offer, it's just sometimes they get stuck.  

Based on my experience building leading edge design teams to win international competitions, I bring team development frameworks, structured innovation and problem solving processes, and hands-on strategy tools so you can grow together faster and further.  It is vital that the connection is made from your team to how they work together (culture) and how they will get to where you are going (strategy).  It is also vitally important to connect culture and strategy to your vision for where you are going, and your purpose for why you are in business.  When these connections are made you have a team with an ownership mindset going above and beyond with you, which will result in more growth, less turnover, and higher commitment from everyone to something larger than themselves and their paycheck.

All programs are custom designed and driven by company goals that insure your team is just as committed to your goals as you are.

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