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Government Contractor
Baltimore, Maryland, 21201

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  • What we do (products & services)
  • We specialize in the design, delivery, implementation and monitoring of automated systems with a corporate emphasis on infrastructure design, data security, incident response, continuity of operations, and information assurance. We are one of the intelligence community‚Äôs largest resellers of mission-critical equipment.

About FedData

Federal Data Systems (FEDDATA) has provided information technology services to commercial and Government markets for over a decade. FEDDATA makes full use of new technologies including cloud computing, virtual computing, security software, insider threat tools and open-source tools to provide the most secure, cost-effective solutions that are technologically feasible to protect our client’s data.

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  • Company Name
  • FedData
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  • Number of Employees
  • 1-10
  • Location
  • Baltimore, Maryland, 21201
    United States

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