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poweredbyCULTURE DAP Inc in Baltimore MD


Baltimore, Maryland, 21224

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How do We Define Our Culture
The “DAP Stars"​ represent its 700 strong associates around the world—they support the vision to produce and market America's best home repair products.
What we do (products & services)
DAP is a leading manufacturer of home repair and construction products, such as latex caulks, silicone sealants, contact cements, construction adhesives, glues, glazings, spackling as well as patch and repair products.

About DAP Inc

DAP traces its roots back to 1865, when Robert H. Dicks and Elmer Wiggim began producing sealing wax for food-canning out of Dicks' garage in Dayton, Ohio. In those days before refrigeration and commercially prepared foods, canning was a widespread practice, and demand for their product was high.

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2400 Boston St. Ste. 200
Baltimore, Maryland, 21224
United States

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