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poweredbyCULTURE Planit in Baltimore MD


Baltimore, Maryland, 21230

It's all about the people. Go figure!

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Welcome to our world. Strategists. Social Gurus. Designers. Writers. Producers. Coders. Ringmasters. And yes, a few Bean Counters. We all have different things to do—different things to add. But in the end, every one of us is here to help create the biggest, boldest, coolest, and smartest ideas we possibly can.

About Planit

Look, we can rattle off a ton of things we do and create. But in the end, our clients don’t hire our list of offerings. They hire our people. We’ve created an environment where the best and the brightest want to come to work every day. And, yes, sometimes well into the night.

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1414 Key Hwy
Baltimore, Maryland, 21230
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