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About BenefitsApp

BenefitsApp is the mobile solution for boosting employee engagement with their Benefit Plans and general Health & Wellness information. Take your benefits mobile, and give your employees the security of having all the information they could need in their back pocket.

In 2018, our founder and CEO Rich Wiklund recognized the need for a digital platform that grants employees access to all their company health benefits and policy information. With the help of our partners, BenefitsApp was created to be an innovative mobile solution and replacement for the health benefit guide traditionally distributed in print at open enrollment. Along with input from Human Resources officers, Rich led the development of a fully customizable app that can be catered to meet any company’s needs and then provided to their employees for a more user friendly, mobile tool to access the complete array of their benefits.

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Posted 03/29/2020 by BenefitsApp
Employees know their benefits, wherever they are.

Benefits made mobile, are benefits made easy.  The first benefits platform built securely... View More

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About Benefits App

BenefitsAppThe BenefitsApp is an affordable and flexible native app, with always up-to-date benefit information. The BenefitsApp...

Posted By BenefitsApp on 06/08/2020