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poweredbyCULTURE Ulman Foundation in Baltimore MD

Ulman Foundation

Baltimore, Maryland, 21230

Cancer changes lives - so do we!

More About Us

The Pledge we Make to Employees that Join our Team
The nature of our work is challenging and not an easy fit for everyone. The importance of community is not only essential to those we are helping, but as a staff of support for each other. We pledge to promote a community of honesty and strength, support and vulnerability that allows for genuine connection and engagement. We pledge to assist in creating an environment where you can celebrate what makes you unique while also embracing the strengths and differences of everyone at the organization. We will take every opportunity to make our work enjoyable and encouraging while giving the space needed for each employee to take care of themselves however they may need.
Culture Initiatives, Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability Efforts
At the Ulman Foundation, it is essential for us to prioritize sustainability as it promotes growth in a healthy direction. Our newest project Ulman House, a free lodging facility in East Baltimore, is the perfect example of the importance of sustainability for our organization; Ulman House was constructed from 6 abandoned row homes in Baltimore City while using as many materials from the original structures as possible. Leftover materials were donated back to organizations that reuse and recycle salvageable materials. We currently use energy efficient appliances, provide accessible recycling guidelines to maintain our silver LEED certification, and are always looking for ways to advance our sustainability efforts. One of our favorite examples of sustainability within Ulman House was taking materials from the original townhomes and crafting a 10 person dining room table where we frequently share meals with patients and volunteers. As a non-profit organization, our corporate social responsibility plans are very much grounded in the work we do every day. Our staff has the unique opportunity to directly engage with cancer patients and survivors as well as their communities of support. Our staff are so deeply integrated into our programs, whether it be Support Through Sport efforts or volunteer events, that they are consistently involving themselves in the many philanthropic opportunities we offer. Our most recent engagement was our annual fundraising gala, Blue Jeans {& Bow Ties} Ball, where all staff donned denim and bow ties to volunteer for the full span of the event.
How do We Define Our Culture
We envision a world where no young adult faces cancer alone. We change lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer. Our core values are to: be human, because we believe people, perspective, and teamwork matter; be better, something we’re constantly striving for; be courageous, as we courageously drive change; and be committed, as we take ownership in and have passion for our work.
What we do (products & services)
Since inception in 1997, we have been working tirelessly at both the community level and with our national partners to raise awareness of the young adult cancer issue and ensure all young adults and families impacted by cancer have a voice and the resources necessary to thrive.
How does what we do align with our culture and attract certain types of employees.
The patient support programs at Ulman Foundation allow us to extend our reach and grow our community, all while providing creative outlets geared toward the young adult community. Our monthly Where YA (Young Adults) Meet program is a support group for young adults impacted by cancer to be surrounded by those who understand their journey while participating in a fun activity. Some of our most recent Where YA Meets have been paint nights, escape rooms, and axe throwing. We also partner with Patient Navigators, social workers who work inside and outside hospitals, who provide a holistic approach to patient care, addressing various needs of young adults who face a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and life with cancer. Navigators provide tailored emotional, psychosocial, and practical support to young adults, and their loved ones, to help them recalibrate their life with cancer. Aside from patient support programs, we offer multiple social and service groups as ways for our community to further engage with our mission. Such groups include BOYAA, our Body of Young Adult Advisors, that host social and service events to promote service while making friends in the area and our Gamechangers, a program for young adults who have demonstrated excellence in their profession and a commitment to the betterment of their community, who participate in a crafted curriculum including engaging volunteer opportunities, education on the young adult cancer journey, and fundraising. We also offer our Support through Sport programs which include coastline and national bike rides as well as marathons for cancer survivors and loved ones whose lives have been impacted by cancer. One of our most popular Support through Sport programs, Cancer to 5k, provides a community of support for cancer survivors through a free 12-week training program. Regardless of age, treatment status, or physical ability, survivor participants run/walk alongside coaches & volunteer “sherpas” with the ultimate goal of completing a 5K goal race. This program allows survivors to reclaim their health after their cancer journeys. We are always finding new ways to provide services that align with our mission, even amidst COVID-19 we are hosting virtual gaming sessions to stay engaged with our program participants and Ulman House residents. Creativity is essential in creating meaningful programs and connections and we are very proud of our creative efforts to further engage our community.

About Ulman Foundation

A leading voice in the young adult cancer movement, we are dedicated to creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer.

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