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    More About Us

  • Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion
  • The mission of Chimes is to help people with disabilities engage more fully in life’s opportunities, to provide employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities, and to support and promote the overall health and well-being of people by helping them understand, manage, and overcome problems.
    Our vision is for all people to be able to live empowered and enriched lives, to the best of their ability.
    Our Values:
    Commitment: We are committed to excellence in all we do and are passionate about our work and the people we serve.
    Respect: We accept personal differences, treat others with dignity, and demonstrate consideration for the opinions and needs of others.
    Integrity: We are dedicated to the highest standards of professional conduct and transparency.
    Prudence: We exercise sound judgment and take responsibility for our actions.
  • What we do (products & services)
  • Chimes assists people with developmental and behavioral challenges to achieve their fullest potential. Our vast array of services — educational, employment, vocational, residential, habilitative, and behavioral health — is delivered through a network of national and international affiliates. We take a client-centered, evidence-based approach to improving the lives of every person we serve.

About Chimes

Chimes International, Ltd. and its subsidiaries, known as the Chimes Family of Services, offer a wide range of opportunities for people with disabilities and other special needs. Chimes International, as the parent organization, leads and supports subsidiaries, which provide services to over 20,000 people in six states, the District of Columbia and Israel.

    Our promise to employees and recruits