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Elkridge, Maryland, 21075

Work harder AND smarter than the competition.

More About Us

The Pledge we Make to Employees that Join our Team
To always listen and act on their feedback. Owners door is always open to feedback.
Culture Initiatives, Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability Efforts
e have a charity committee with a budget that organizes monthly events that support a variety of local causes. Some of the recent organizations we have supported are food for shelters, toys for animal shelters, local school program supplies, and a local park clean up. We also have a budget for company-sponsored events to encourage team bonding and real connections. This includes a culture calendar with at least bi-weekly events. These events foster relationships, encourage recognition, and support employee wellness. We also ask team leaders to set up offsite events or virtual events on a smaller scale.
How do We Define Our Culture
Our vision: The preeminent and sought-after digital agency that delivers more wins, faster, more meaningfully, and more sustainably than any comparable solution on the market. Our mission: To recognize & unlock potential. Core values: 1) Karma: The universe keeps score. What you do comes back to you. So do good, even when nobody’s watching. 2) Legendary Service: Communicate, empathize, educate, anticipate, set expectations & over-deliver as a habit. 3) Data Rules: Replace ego with data; data is truth. Use data to persuade. And to deliver performance. 4) Learnaholic: Change is the only constant. We learn or we die. The answers you need exist somewhere. Go out & find it. 5) Wins on Wins: Wins make the world go ‘round; new wins, building on past wins, celebrating wins. We post wins, we win. 6) Tinker, Test, Improve: New skills, new platforms, dive in and figure it out. Persist relentlessly, always be improving. 7) Thoughts Matter: Positive thoughts create good feelings, which lead to effective action (& “luck”). Always visualize the win.
What we do (products & services)
WebMechanix is a full-service digital marketing agency located in the Baltimore-Washington DC corridor. We specialize in SEO, PPC, and Marketing Automation.
How does what we do align with our culture and attract certain types of employees.
We are a digital marketing agency with a huge culture of care. We care deeply about the work we put out and our clients. We have transparent reporting and communication - if it is a bad week we don't hide that, but rather talk about how we will turn it around. We let the data speak for itself and check our ego at the door. If the data wants us to go in a different direction or goes against our hypothesis we follow it. We hold weekly trainings along with a variety of slack channels to encourage sharing new info, articles, tips/tricks, and more. We want our staff to always be learning and be able to test these new things on our clients where applicable. We emphasize our legendary service each and every day. When a team member sees someone delivering top-notch service they share a shout out for everyone to see and give props. This also helps share ideas with others on how they can continue to provide legendary service. We also use this win channel to help share all our wins - biog or small. Did someone sign a contract? Share it. Someone crushed a meeting they were just in? Share it. A client's CPL is dropping? Share it. We spread the positivity.
Here is our benefits package
HSA eligible medical insurance with company contributions for employees and dependents. Extended to cover Domestic Partnerships, not just Spouses. Low-cost vision & dental insurance. Retirement plan 401k w/ company match of 50% up to 6% of an employee’s salary Unlimited PTO that can be taken at a maximum of 2 weeks at a time but not capped annually. 6 weeks fully paid family leave for qualifying events. Ability to telecommute occasionally or as part of a recurring schedule. Flex-scheduling -- set your schedule on your preferences and take your lunch at a time convenient for you. Healthy snacks & coffee restocked weekly Beer every Friday at 3:00 pm Weekly training given by your peers. Feel passionate about a topic? Then apply to host one yourself. Employee referral programs Bonus programs for reviews & employee appreciation Company social events Casual dress code
Why you will appreciate our office space, layout and environment.
Located within Columbia Gateway with access to many restaurants, shops, and walking/hiking trails. Just 15 minutes away from Columbia Mall. Open kitchen with refrigerators, microwaves, dishwasher, dishes, and plenty of seating. Collaborative workspace layout - no cubicles - with bookable meeting rooms and privacy nooks Foodsby - A no-minimum food service that delivers food from a variety of restaurants daily. Designed with plenty of natural lighting
How we handle flex-time and telecommuting
We really promote flexible schedules and telecommuting. We have a few full-time remote employees and offer the option of telecommuting for our local employees. This can be something they do on a recurring basis, for an impromptu appointment, or just because they need to focus. We encourage employees to be there most effective at work whenever and wherever that is.
Our process for regular review and feedback for employees?
Sending employees to conferences Contributions to professional memberships In-house training
How often do host employee meetings with CEO or leadership?
How we handle employee recognition or appreciation programs
We have a 2 dedicated staff members to promote employee engagement through events and recognition for birthdays and work anniversaries. We also have an employee bonus referral program. The employee who wins it nominates the next person to win. We also have a win stories slack channel that we share the success of others bg or small.
Credentials, Certificates, Awards, Memberships
Baltimore Sun Top Workplace Inc Magazine Best Workplace Glassdoor 4.5

About WebMechanix

BOOM! We're a performance-based digital marketing agency for mid to large companies in MD, DC, VA. We've had years of experience and a great track record to prove it. We move needles fast with our PPC Services, Social Media Advertising, CRO, SEO Consul...

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