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Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland, 21093

Convert Calls Into Car Buyers

More About Us

The Pledge we Make to Employees that Join our Team
Be fair. Be transparent. Promote from within if possible. Pay a fair wage. No toleration for demeaning behavior from anyone. Respect colleagues from any race, gender, religion, or culture equally. Ensure the team understands overall team goals and roles. Effective Communication. Behave professionally. Provide constructive feedback. Encourage positive behaviors.
Culture Initiatives, Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability Efforts
CallRevu started as a family business that grew to where it is today. With that mindset for the first 10 years of our company, we had a very open, honest, and caring environment from the start. We have an open-door policy from the executive level down. We have an open-floor concept in our HQ, allowing for collaboration and teams to join forces on different ideas, we are praised when we have done a job well publicly and one-on-one, we celebrate together at company parties and happy hours, as well as company lunches and dinners. We understand the importance of our families outside of work and that they always come first. We integrate our values by challenging and championing employees when they are bold, innovate, grow relationships and capabilities (both internally and externally), create collegial and collaborative partnerships, and show integrity in their day to day actions. We come together to help the community, whether it's volunteering to help make 20,000 lunches for Baltimore area students who can't afford to have school lunches, donating clothing items to local shelters, or running fundraisers to help raise money and toys during the holiday season. CallRevu values the concept of teamwork which allows us to succeed and grow.
How do We Define Our Culture
CallRevu helps thousands of automotive dealers in the U.S. cultivate their customer experience on the phone. CallRevu gives dealers valuable insights into their caller’s journey by tracking, monitoring, listening to, summarizing, alerting, and reporting on dealership phone calls to monitor call performance. With our robust data and reporting, we are able to coach and enhance the caller’s experience and help dealers increase market share, customer retention, and profitability in all phases of dealership operations. Created and managed by a team of automotive and technology professionals, CallRevu partners with some of the best known and highest performing dealerships across the U.S. to not only report outcomes, but fix them. CallRevu's mission is to drive actionable insights for dealerships to improve their digital and voice communications for greater conversion of lead-to-appointment. CallRevu is committed to: BEING BOLD, unafraid, and courageous in everything we do INNOVATION bringing new, industry-leading ideas to market GROWTH in new relationships, new capabilities, and new markets PARTNERSHIP that is collegial, collaborative, and always focused on win-win INTEGRITY shown by doing the right thing, being accountable, and delivering as promised
What we do (products & services)
We convert More calls to appointments that show. CallRevu is automotive's top performing call management solution. Clients are able to save deals on a daily basis when they receive mobile alerts: a customer is mishandled on the phone and dealers are immediately notified so they can address the situation and turn calls into customers. CallRevu helps clients increase market share, customer retention, and profitability in all phases of dealership operations.
How does what we do align with our culture and attract certain types of employees.
CallRevu has always cared about our people first, just as how we serve our customers. Our customers think of us as the top support team in the industry because our people have known from day 1 that we are here to serve our customers and help them fix the phones. This has been a huge differentiator between us and our competition. We have customers who have come to us from other companies because they couldn't get a team member on the phone, or the other company's server went down and their partners lost business for weeks. We provide our customers with Customer Success Managers who partner with them and hold weekly, monthly, or quarterly success meetings, which allows us to be as involved as possible with enhancing their phone processes. We listen to our customers' needs and have announced the addition of a Rapid Response team. This team proactively checks dealership's phone lines and team performance 24/7. If there are any negative changes in performance or phone line issues, the team will automatically reach out and request permission to fix it for the dealerships or advise them on how to fix it immediately.

About CallRevu

CallRevu was founded in 2008, and is the pioneer of phone process measurement. Knowing you have always fixed what you measured, CallRevu gives you valuable insights you have never had before, your caller's journey in your dealership.  CallRevu tracks, monitors, and summarizes all calls to your dealership, delivering real-time actionable phone process performance.

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