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OmegaCor Technologies

Millersville, Maryland, 21108

OmegaCor Technologies Company Videos

OmegaCor invites you to a BBB webinar about best security practices for working from home.

OmegaCor CEO will be speaking on a virtual panel with the Baltimore Better Business Bureau to discuss work from home strategies....

Posted By OmegaCor Technologies on 04/21/2020

Baltimore, MD, USA

The Success of the Company Depends on the Sum of the People

In this week's Next Generation Leaders video series, Martin O'Neill sits down with Nabil Sheikh, President of...

OmegaCor Technologies The Stories That Make Our Cultures

Pizza Delivery for Remote Workers

Like all companies OmegaCor Technologies is faced with a new reality and the challenge of remote workers and employee engagement....


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About OmegaCor Technologies


Your organization’s growth and competitive position are dependent on technology.Even more critical is how well it supports your organization’s needs, goals, expectations, overall strategy and budget. OmegaCor Technologies is a Baltimore IT consulting and IT management company in Baltimore, Maryland that provides dedicated teams of IT professionals that understand When IT Matters to help you gain real business value from your technology and bring about significant, lasting improvements for your specific organization.

Whether your needs are in resource management, finance control, project administration, network support, business automation, custom software development, or other critical areas of operation, our certified IT experts create and manage business technology solutions customized to help your business:

Maximize Productivity

Achieve Optimal Performance

Produce More Bottom-Line Savings

Improve Decision-Making

Strengthen Customer, Vendor and Employee Communications and Relationships

With OmegaCor Technologies’ Baltimore IT Support Team as your trusted IT services company, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best—your core competencies—and run your organization with maximum efficiency and reliability at a fraction of the cost of having an internal certified IT department.

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  • OmegaCor Technologies
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  • 11-25
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  • 8227 Cloverleaf Dr
    Suite 308B
    Millersville, Maryland, 21108
    United States