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The Pledge we Make to Employees that Join our Team
The Senior Leadership Team is committed to Servant Leadership and supports a coworker centered environment by being readily available to them. The pledge we make to our coworkers is that each and every coworker matters. We are a team, a family and as such we tell all coworkers to never worry alone. Mentors, supervisors, leadership are all easily accessible to support a coworker when there is a challenge or a problem that they do not know how to solve. Our Senior Leadership Team has adopted core principles of leadership that are now a part of the culture, these include 1) Trust (we trust that our coworkers are professional and are doing exceptional work), 2) Be here now (we make every meeting and encounter matter by being fully present), and 3)Assume positive intent (we do not jump to the conclusion that the person meant to make a mistake or did something with malice).
Culture Initiatives, Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability Efforts
The Coordinating Center is a Statewide nonprofit in Maryland that supports people with disabilities and complex medical and social needs. Our culture is shaped by our vision, mission and values, which are person-centered. At The Coordinating Center we are also coworker centered. We never refer to employees as such, they are coworkers. The difference in meaning between an employee and a coworker here is that an employee is someone who works for a particular organisation and co-workers are two or more people who work together. While 75% of our coworkers work remotely, in 24 counties throughout Maryland, and 25% working from our headquarters in Millersville (Anne Arundel County), the culture at The Coordinating Center is "collaborative governance." Coworkers are encouraged to join committees inclusive of our HR Council and related committees, Quality Council and related committees, Technology and Communications Council and related committees, Coordination Council and related committees. We even have a Family Resource Fund Committee where coworkers make the decisions about financial assistance for clients in need of support for a critical need (i.e.,housing, nutrition, medicine), and quality of life (i.e., adaptive equipment, assistive technology). We have a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion Committee, its mission is to enhance awareness and understanding of diversity while fostering and nurturing an inclusive, collaborative work environment that honors and values the differences within one another and the individuals that we serve. All coworkers are required to participate in a diversity training annually. The culture is transparent. Our new President/CEO has established a monthly open forum called a Cup of Joe with CEO, where coworkers can join in person or remotely and share feedback and ideas for continued improvement within the organization. Every Friday, our President/CEO sends out a weekly communication to all coworkers and the Board of Directors informing them of the week accomplishments related to HR, Technology, New Business, Communications, Quality, and other areas of governance. It is also used as a forum to recognize coworkers for accomplishments. Another way to recognize coworkers is by using Paylocity our HR platform which has a platform for sharing "impressions" when a coworker has done something extraordinary. With the current state of emergency, senior leadership are in constant communication with all 300+ coworkers who are now working remotely. The President/CEO sends out COVID updates daily with information and resources to support coworkers as well as our clients. We invest in our coworkers, with professional development both in and outside the organization, we support coworkers with continuing education, and Team Managers plan team events with a set budget of $40 per coworker to hold events annually. We also come together several times a year to participate in company wide events. We recognize coworkers - we have an award called the Compassionate Leadership Award that is offered annually to an outstanding coworker - providing up to $3,000 to attend a national conference or professional training. This award is given at our annual Coworker Appreciation Breakfast, where we come together to recognize the work of our coworkers and participate in some professional development. We are deeply committed to corporate social responsibility. We have a benefit called Year of Service where all coworkers are given up to 4 hours to volunteer with other coworkers in the community with another nonprofit. We offer Wellness Walks Wednesdays where we promote walking both in and outside the organization. We have access to discounted memberships at local gyms and places like Smoothie King as well. Working with our health insurance provider Cigna, we offer coworkers the chance to win $100 gift cards for completing wellness visits and taking care of their health. With the current state of emergency and coworkers teleworking at home to support our 10,000 clients in Maryland, we are supportive of coworkers who have to care for their kids and/or parents. Coworkers are creating schedules that work for them and their families. And even when there wasn't a state of emergency we do have several options for coworkers to flex their schedules.
How do We Define Our Culture
Vision People of all ages and abilities have equitable access to achieve optimal quality health, affordable housing and meaningful community life. Mission The mission of The Coordinating Center is to partner with people of all ages and abilities and those who support them in the community to achieve their aspirations for independence, health and meaningful community life. Values Excellence: We challenge ourselves to do great work. Collaboration: We are better together. Integrity: We uphold ethical standards. Equity and Inclusion: We value diversity in many forms. Impact: We make a difference. Learning: We believe continual learning is essential.
What we do (products & services)
The Coordinating Center provides comprehensive care coordination services to individuals of all ages and abilities. Using our person-centered philosophy and approach, we work with individuals and their families to achieve their aspirations for independence, health and meaningful community life.
How does what we do align with our culture and attract certain types of employees.
The Coordinating Center does not sell products and is not a direct service provider. The Coordinating Center is a community-based, care coordination services organization. Our highly skilled Clinical Care Coordinators (Nurses and Social Workers), Supports Planners, Service Coordinators, Housing Coordinators, Life Care Planners and Support Team help people with disabilities and/or complex medical and social needs locate, navigate and access services and supports they need to live meaningful and healthy lives in their homes and community - avoiding costly institutionalized care. To do this right it requires a person-centered and family-centered approach. This aligns with our culture of being coworker centered. We support our clients and coworkers in the way that they need to excel and thrive in their community, at home and at work.

About The Coordinating Center

The Coordinating Center has 35 years of experience supporting children, youth, adults and seniors with complex medical needs and disabilities statewide. Deeply committed to a person-centered approach and philosophy, The Coordinating Center helps individuals of all ages and abilities achieve optimal quality health, affordable healthcare and meaningful community life.

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