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poweredbyCULTURE Communications Electronics in Timonium MD

Communications Electronics

Timonium, Maryland, 21093

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What we do (products & services)
Communications Electronics has significant experience across a diverse range of wireless and wired solutions. Our expertise includes system engineering, design, installation, sales and service for two-way radio, in-building wireless systems and distributed antenna systems (DAS), mobile telephony, licensed and unlicensed wireless data networks, early warning systems, dispatch consoles, analog and IP video, and a host of related products. We work with manufacturers, network operators, and other organizations such as Motorola, Kenwood, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint/Nextel, Axell, MobileAccess, SOLiD, TxRx, EMR, CSI, Zinwave, Exacom, Zetron, BridgeWave, Proxim, and Whelen.

About Communications Electronics

For over 40 years, Communications Electronics has been the Mid-Atlantic's single source for wireless communications.  By offering the most current wireless communications technology available, including Motorola two way radios, in-building coverage solutions, wireless broadband and integrated security solutions, we help organizations become more productive.

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Communications Electronics
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1953 Greenspring Dr.
Timonium, Maryland, 21093
United States

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Communications Electronics

We are the leading provider of safety and security solutions in the Mid-Atlantic region, serving healthcare, education,... View More