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poweredbyCULTURE Baltimore Coffee and Tea in Lutherville

Baltimore Coffee and Tea

Experience Menu Partner
Lutherville, MD, 21093

We Roast the World's Best Coffee

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About Baltimore Coffee and Tea

Our heritage in the Coffee & Tea Business dates back to 1895. Because of this, we take our coffee very seriously. Chances are, you've tasted our coffee & tea already. We supply some of the finest restaurants, gourmet stores, & coffee houses in North America, and Europe. If your favorite store is in need of better coffee or some of our unmatched varieties of fine tea, tell them to call us! We import only the finest green coffee from around the globe. Our long-term relationships with growers & brokers allow us a consistent supply of the best green coffee.

We  lovingly roast our coffee to order in small batch roasters custom made for us in Paris, France, by Samiac. Samiac roasters are known as the finest coffee roasters money can buy. Their solid cast iron drums yield an even roast with no "tipping" of the bean (the charcoal color on the tips of some roasted coffee) We roast our coffee by temperature, and we never water quench to cool the beans. The result is the most perfect, fully developed coffee available anywhere.

We are a certified organic roaster, with certifications from the USDA, and The State of Maryland Department of Agriculture. We are also certified by the Smithsonian Institution, to roast and distribute Bird Friendly Coffee.

Our Eastern Shore Teas®, as well as our Baltimore Teas are imported from the finest tea gardens around the world.  We flavor our teas with real spices, such as cinnamon, clove, lemongrass, and hibiscus.  We use full leaf tea in all of our tea bags, which we cut to tea bag cut in our hammermill.  Our tea bags are oxygen whitened, using no dioxins or bleach, and are packed on our MaiSa EC-20 foil overwrap tea bag machine, and our Technomechannica T-2 Prima Foil Overwrap Tea Bag Machine.

Our single serve Keurig® compatable BCT-Cups are 100% Recyclable, and are manufactured on our Noble KC-44 cup packing machine daily in our Timonium, Md. Roasting Plant.

All of our orders are shipped the same day received. And everything we sell is Guaranteed to please you. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. See for yourself, why people around the world constantly tell us that our coffee tastes like no other...Take a trip through our Factory Outlet, and thanks for visiting! 

Many of our customers are concerned with their privacy, as well they should be. We NEVER sell, distribute, or otherwise share customer names, telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses with anyone. We guarantee that your personal information is safe with us.

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Baltimore Coffee and Tea
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9 W. Aylesbury Road
Lutherville, MD, 21093