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poweredbyCULTURE Brooks Financial Group in Towson

Brooks Financial Group

Towson, MD, 21286

Infinite Rewards from Finite Focus. Your trusted partner.

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About Brooks Financial Group

Proudly Serving the Goals and Dreams of Others

Brooks Financial Group, Inc. was founded in 1992 with the goal of serving our clients in every aspect of their financial lives—both personal and professional. Whether your goals include wealth management, retirement planning, or corporate benefits options for your business, we provide a very comprehensive and personalized approach to financial planning and benefits management, one which has earned us a reputation for excellence in our community and our industry.


Our Mission is to lead our private relationships professionally and independently by understanding completely their Matters of Importance and through our knowledge, innovation, and trusted relationship, render the servant leadership required to achieve their dreams.


There is a phrase that you will find embedded in our logo - “Infinite Rewards from Finite Focus.” This simple phrase acts as our grounding element and is a constant reminder to always focus our efforts on the fulfillment of others’ interests. Through our leadership efforts, we apply our finite focus and as a result, we reap infinite rewards, which are found in the lives we have positively touched.


As Servant Leaders, we strive to put the talents and gifts of leadership into action for the benefit of our private client relationships. We embrace the needs and Matters of Importance of each client relationship, while guiding their path, so that they might ultimately realize their dreams.


We take the required time to understand fully what is most important in each and every client relationship so that we can align our leadership with the priorities of our clients.  


It is our privilege to serve the needs of each of our private client relationships with the goal of creating and nurturing a life-long relationship that goes beyond the realm of our business.


We are measured by the actions of our entire team and hold ourselves accountable to the highest of standards – serving others as we would wish to be served. Our goals are aligned with prudent, responsible advice and counsel. As obligated through our missioned enterprise, we hold ourselves responsible for providing leadership to all those we serve professionally.

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Brooks Financial Group
Towson, MD, 21286