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Posted By Newfit on 03/19/2020

Focus on Total Wellness

    More About Us

  • The Pledge we Make to Employees that Join our Team
  • We pledge to make sure that after being with newfit for 18 months you will learn not only what your next move is professionally but you will learn what it looks and feels like to be apart of an organization that puts people first.
  • Culture Initiatives, Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability Efforts
  • We have a graduation model in place that truly represents the core organization. Most of our employees due to the margins in the design of our business don’t make too much money, so what we do is we make sure to understand the true goals they have long term and provide coaching, mentorship and partnerships so that in 12-18 months they can graduate onto a new company that fits not only there financial needs but there professional needs as well!
  • Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion
  • Employee First Business Second
    Mission: To spark a lifelong practice and passion for wellness through fitness and health education programming.
    Vision: We believe in a world where anyone can lead a fit and fulfilling life.
  • What we do (products & services)
  • NEWfit continued to develop its programming based on holistic wellness through various, workshops, classes, summer camps, and sports leagues. In that time, using a grassroots approach, NEWfit cultivated healthy partnerships with many schools throughout Baltimore. Committed to adding value to partner schools, with quality programming NEWfit Kids has had the fortune of consistent growth serving more school communities each year.
  • How does what we do align with our culture and attract certain types of employees.
  • We are a wellness organization thus our culture follows suit!

About Newfit

NEWfit offers year-round recess and competitive athletics to elementary and middle school students who typically lack access to recreational activities of any kind.

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  • Company Name
  • Newfit
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  • Number of Employees
  • 11-25
  • Culture Highlights
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