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Montage Diversity

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19121

Cultivating the roots of diversity, equity and inclusion!

More About Us

The Pledge we Make to Employees that Join our Team
Each employee that joins our team is supported through our 'Passion Project' Initiative' (PPI). Passion Projects are meaningful undertakings that inspire and motivate our employees to be who they are, primarily outside the office. These are typically things that our employees would do in their spare time to impact others or drive personal satisfaction in some way. Each new employee has a one on one session with the CEO to define or brainstorm their Passion Projects. Once identified, a plan is made to outline how Montage will commit to supporting the passion project. The employee is responsible for driving the project, but the company pledges operational, financial and volunteer support to ensure that the passion project launches and continues to empower the employee and their passion.
Culture Initiatives, Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability Efforts
Our workplace culture initiatives include 'Open Door', a policy where employees form any level can interact and consult with any other. From the CEO to employer of record staff, the door open for reflection, engagement, critique and resolution to any and all situations that arise work and in life. As an organization we are adapting to a tipple bottom line philosophy where people, planet and profit are equal purveyors in the quest to be the best. Our culture align's with these concepts as we strive to make the most positive impacts on our staff and their lives through our PPI (passion project initiative), and our 'Open Door' communication approach.
How do We Define Our Culture
Montage Diversity Consultants was created to forward diversity, equity and inclusion in America's most prestigious Independent Schools. We learned quickly that parts of our world is a microcosm of these exclusive environments and expanded our reach. Since then, we have endeavored to rewrite the narrative though every interaction, with every person and organization we support. At Montage, we believe that every voice has a song, and every person has a journey to be shared. We care about each individual, we support a revolution for equity and yes, Black Lives Matter! But equity is not solely about a Black Life, it is about the lives that have been given for the opportunity to fight for equity. It comes down to this; each of us have a cross to bare, a decision to make and a road to choose every-time a situation arises in which a choice for right or wrong needs to be made. Here, at Montage, we choose right, no matter the impact.
How does what we do align with our culture and attract certain types of employees.
Every product or service we offer is directly connected to our belief and commitment to equity. From Diversity Training, Supplier Diversity Consulting, Online Education, Digital Literacy Programs, Professional Development and Training, Equitable access to Real Estate (rental and ownership) and Life Long Online Learning through our LMS.

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Montage Diversity
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1510 Cecil B. Moore Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19121
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