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As a West Point graduate and former leader of elite Army Special Operations units as well as a Harvard MPA/MBA, a McKinsey & Company leadership consultant and an official in the Obama Administration, Ray has over 30 years of leadership experience.

While it’s widely recognized that talent is a key determinant of realizing organizational success, what’s less common is the ability to provide talent developmental programs with near-term impact that sustains itself over the long-term.  In both short and longer term customized leadership development engagements, Ray demonstrates this ability, which is attested to by client testimonials.  These programs range from transformational offsites to extended, organization-wide, global leadership and talent development initiatives.

Ray specializes in working with teams, organizations and family businesses in both Leader Development and Leadership Development.

  • Leader Development (Leading Oneself) – This involves gaining self-awareness, personal mastery, and cultivating the related knowledge, skills, abilities. The premise being that before we can lead others, we need to be able to lead ourselves.
  • Leadership Development (Leading Others) – This involves the process, activities and capacities related to building healthy and high-performing teams/organizations (e.g. building trust, unleashing the potential of talent, using conflict constructively, creating alignment and commitment, achieving results, etc.).

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