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Posted By ClassPass on 01/14/2020

ClassPass I Welcome to class

Welcome to an entirely different way to work out. ClassPass, the world’s leading fitness membership, lets you pick and choose the workout classes you want to take from over 1 million options. Take yoga one day, CrossFit the next, barre after that. With ClassPass, you can find anything and try everything to guarantee your workouts never get stale. And one easy-to-use app makes finding and booking classes effortless. Now, deciding what to take? That’s the hard part. Get started today with a free trial! www.classpass.com. 

Song: Koyotie, “Get Busy” 

How ClassPass works: Search the app for fitness classes near you Book a spot in anything like bootcamp, yoga and more Show up and work out 

ClassPass benefits: Access to 18,000+ studios and gyms and 1 million workout classes A membership that lets you work out all over the world Unlimited access to video and audio workouts 

Ready to get moving? Start a trial at https://classpass.com  

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