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Posted By Passport Health on 12/16/2019

Plan Safe & Healthy World Travels with Passport Health

Passport Health is your pre-travel health concierge, working with you to eliminate any unforeseen complications in your world travel plans. Purchasing tickets to embark on your dream vacation is just the beginning. Even for the most dedicated planner, there are many questions to answer to ensure your health and safety, and Passport Health can help. 

Passport Health's travel medicine specialists have decades of experience in travel health and immunology. We consider your health history, trip itinerary, vaccination record, chronic conditions, and more to put together an appropriate vaccination plan and discuss other health considerations to help you prepare for your travel. What if you're pregnant or over 65? Does your destination have health advisories in effect? Entry requirements? All of these factors can affect your preparations.

 Visit the link above or call 1-866-990-3926 to find the Passport Health clinic nearest you.

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