About Us

poweredbyCULTURE is a fast growing solution that supports businesses looking for a credible platform to display their mission, their people, their passion.

Our Mission

To harness the entrepreneurial energy of thousands of organizations and individuals to provide a comprehensive resource behind the scenes of the culture both in your region and nationally.  We will provide the latest technology, tools and resources to promote improvement and enable this collective to continually improve their cultures.  

Our Story

poweredbyCULTURE  started from a group of entrepreneurs with the belief that the change that is both desired and needed can come from the collective momentum of liked minded organizations and leaders. We set forth to attract a diverse and inclusive collective of individuals, companies and CEOs, all with the common belief that we can and will do better.

We have provided a platform that business leaders opt into because they share this mindset.  These leading edge thinkers will share their initiatives, their successes, their lessons learned.  They will market their beliefs, successes and stories to millions of employees and even more followers on social media. 

Provided with the resources and desire to make a difference these poweredbyCULTURE leaders will together track and measure collective momentum.   The benefit to the poweredbyCULTURE leaders will be better employees, more business, a wider reach for their brand and a company culture that everyone can be proud of.