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Posted By Simpli on 10/08/2021



Entrepreneur's are creators.  They see how they want the future to be and then the resources, people and clients begin to show up to support that vision.  The founder of Simpli (formerly Charm City Concierge) envisioned a company designed help employers and employee have a better experience "at work".  

In the past year and half the "at work" part of the vision had become fuzzy.  Both clients and employers that relied on Simpli to provide concierge services, employee engagement events and workplace culture campaigns suddenly did not have the same needs.

Founder Tina Urquhart who exudes happiness, energy and a relentless commitment to the Simpli mission will admit, "this has been a challenge like no other.  We lost some long term customers, at least for now.  We had some key staffers move on.  We were forced to right size our team.  Our vision of who we could have impact for and who were the people that were going to deliver our services all became fuzzy and their were big moments of self doubt."

With 2021 coming to an end and the talks of companies going to back to work, she now had renewed clarity about the importance of their mission.  Workplace cultures have been splintered, employers now more than ever need a partner to help guide them through this time.  Simpli has been and is ready to serve these needs. 

Sensing that the time is now to start building momentum for what was going to happen in late 2021 and early 2022, Tina rallied the team.  Looking for a way to communicate the importance of the original mission and why Simpli is needed now more than ever, she focused on giving back.

Like so many companies, Simpli was also licking some of it's own wounds and recognized the "feel" and the "purpose" was not being felt by the team.  But it was time to give to others.  Time to recognize that Simpli did not exist for the team at Simpli.  Simpli existed for the clients and their employees.  The meaning and the purpose that the Simpli team wanted to feel about their place of employment would be met by helping these other employers.

Tina during her "rally" speech announced she was giving each of her team members $10.  Not as a bonus.  But as a gift that they can re-gift whenever and to whomever they so chose. The idea was to experience the power of giving. She understood, that this was only the beginning of the "giving" Simpli was about to provide to other organizations. This is what the workplace experience at Simpli needed to feel like.

One by one the stories of "the gift" began to circle back into the company.  One of "the gifts" was filmed at the house of a long term staffer, who bumped the gift up to $20 and offered it to the Amazon Delivery guy who has quietly served the family during the pandemic with almost daily deliveries.  The video can be viewed here.