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Posted 03/20/2020 in Culture Ideas

Here is the Hope, Bring This into Your Culture

Here is the Hope, Bring This into Your Culture

One of the advantages of having a neurobiochemist in the family is access to new forms of information that as an entrepreneur I am not typically tuned into....research and science.  The positive is, if you have a question like, "why is the sky blue" he has the answer.  The negative is, the length of time and the detail in which the answer is provided.


Last night, we had a lengthy discussion about the worldwide pandemic and the similarities to the 1918 Flu.  The science as was described to me, is that we all will probably become infected with the corona virus as it will circle the globe a couple of times over the next few years.  His comments were pretty sobering and led me to ask, "then why shut down the economy?"

His answer was in a much shortened version "we need to slow it down because there just not enough respirators to handle a mass onslaught of the disease".  He felt, most people will not die or even know they have the disease. However, there are those humans who for some reason their immune system over reacts to virus and creates intense inflammation, typically elderly or people with already broken immune systems.  They will need respirators to have a hope of staying alive.  A little better news but still not exciting.


After thirty minutes of learning how the virus works and how it impacts the body as well as speculating why some bodies win this battle and others do not,  he revealed that "there is some really interesting news that researchers have discovered, it is actually exciting.".  He said it so matter of fact and almost monotone, like only a science brain could.

There is a drug, that already exists on the planet in large amounts and is inexpensive.  A worldwide supply exists because the drug is used to fight malaria.  It is affordable and ready to go.  When combined with a certain antibiotic, it is having very good results on test subjects.

I felt like he could have skipped the first 30 minutes of the conversation and just went to this topic.  But that is not how science works.

As we were wrapping up the conversation, I asked him to text me the name of the drug and the links to research and article he read in Forbes.  He must have forgotten (absent minded like all good scientists), but I found it anyways.  HERE IS THE HOPE.  There are many more articles out their about it as well.

Please spread this hope.  My belief is "you must believe to receive".  Right now the collective human consciousness is focused on fear, dread and worst case scenarios.  We need to inject hope and belief into the mindset, especially when this hope is founded on science.

One more piece of information.  This neurobiochemist beat his own cancer into remission by researching and finding an alternative form of chemotherapy for himself that doctors now use for his rare form of cancer.  Combine science, with hope and belief and miracles do happen.

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