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Posted 05/18/2022 in Culture Ideas

Is Your Culture About Employee Experience or Employee Connection

Is Your Culture About Employee Experience or Employee Connection

It has been said that your employee experiences are the glue that holds your workplace culture together.  In a recent blog post by Shift The Work, they stated that employee connection is the driver of culture.  

When you see how workplace cultures have splintered during the pandemic due to virtual working environments, a "shift" in thinking may be in order.  According to the SHRM's 2021 Culture Refresh Report, 62% of HR professionals agree it has been difficult to maintain workplace culture during the shutdown.  

In another report referenced by the Shift the Work article, "when employee feel less connected to their workplace, culture and purpose, the likelihood of producing great work falls 90%, the probability of burnout increases 11x, and the odds that employees will leave within three years surge by 6x."   Enter the great resignation.

These studies would suggest that a fundamental shift in strategies and tactics needs to occur.  Instead of focusing solely on employee experiences, integrate a connection strategy into each of the planned experiences.


1)  What do employees (humans) want to be connected with?



4)  Do your leaders know who their direct reports are connected to?   



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