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Posted 06/26/2018 in Culture Ideas by Craig Burris

Royal Farms is Committed to Sustainability Efforts

Royal Farms is Committed to Sustainability Efforts

In 2013, Royal Farms was the largest sponsor of the Adopt-a-Highway program in the United States, having cleaned 1,900 miles of highway, with 142 Adopt-a-Highway signs on interstates throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, where Royal Farms are located.Royal Farms was one of the first, and has been a loyal participant in the Adopt-A-Highway program since 2007, with the first Royal Farms signs appearing along highways in 2008.

Already in 2014, Royal Farms has won the award for the most miles cleaned in Maryland, with 64 signs throughout Maryland alone.

"We commend Royal Farms for being an environmental leader within the communities they serve while raising environmental responsibility and awareness to others. We welcome businesses and individuals to be inspired by these incredible accomplishments and milestones. Royal Farms is truly making a difference and we are proud to have them as one of our nation's leading sponsors."

Patricia Nelson
President of Adopt A Highway® Maintenance Corporation
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