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Fells Point Wholesale Meats , Inc.

Baltimore, MD 21230 US

Quality, Service and Dedication to a Craft

About Fells Point Wholesale Meats , Inc.

Fells Point Wholesale Meats was founded in 1993 when Erik Oosterwijk and Leo Pruissen opened their business in Baltimore's historic Broadway Market.

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What we do (products & services)
Every cut of USDA meat, poultry, lamb and pork that leaves the building, and any other food they distribute, must live up to their exacting standards.

With this high level of knowledge and dedication, you'll notice that everything you purchase from Fells Point Wholesale Meats is the highest quality available � from prime rib to veal to seafood and game meat.

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Company Name
Fells Point Wholesale Meats , Inc.
Number of Employees
1600 S Monroe St
Baltimore, Maryland, 21230
United States