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You are Who You Hire

More About Us

How do We Define Our Culture
Over the last three months, I and all the Smartians have reflected a lot on how we could drive meaningful change in the recruiting industry and become a real anti-racist force in the market. Not only for ourselves and our own company, but for our 4,000 customers who are responsible for 25 million candidates and almost 1 million jobs they hire for every year.

To do that we not only need to build awareness internally and become a role model ourselves as a company, but also help define new standards for diversity hiring and drive innovation to help companies achieve diverse and truly inclusive hiring outcomes.

Today we are sharing our anti-racist action plan with everyone so that we can be held accountable as an organization to effectively deliver on our commitment. We look forward to reporting back on our progress as our plan and efforts evolve over time.

This is where our journey starts.
Here is our benefits package

Our family friendly and pet friendly benefits.
As part of our Smartian tribe, you’ll have access to company perks, travel opportunities, company events, and much more (dog friendly office, anyone?).
The one thing our team loves the most about our benefits system?
We are serious about changing the world
In addition to providing special pricing to non-profit organizations and pledging 1% of our equity to charity, we are hosting Reverse Recruiting events all over the world to provide underrepresented job seekers the resources they need.

With you for the long haul
We grant generous pre-IPO options to every Smartian who joins us in our mission to fix recruiting. We also offer generous matching for your retirement program.

Take the Day… or the Week
Work/Life balance is critical to the SmartRecruiters team. We offer generous PTO policies across the world which means we trust each other to take the time needed and bring our best selves to work every day.

About SmartRecruiters

Our simple goal is to make hiring easy. To help businesses get the talent they need to succeed. And to help people find a job they love.

Everyone is incredibly frustrated by how hard it is to find amazing talent. We share that frustration.

Recruiting is a fragmented, opaque process undermined by outdated technology that turns off candidates and hiring managers.

Now, imagine a world where it’s easy to find great candidates, it’s easy for people to show interest in jobs, it’s easy for hiring teams to collaborate, and your recruiting vendors are just a click away.

We imagined it. And then we delivered it.

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