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14 West

Baltimore, MD 21201 US

About 14 West

Insight, ideas and advice from people with a passion for great workplaces – brought to you by 14 West.

 14 West is a company that exists to honor the entrepreneurial spirit by helping business people become great employers and solid enterprises. We do this by providing business leaders and business builders with the services and administrative support they need, while they focus on their ideas. But building great workplaces is our business, and we’ve got a lot of our own ideas. WestWord is our way of sharing those ideas with you.

Check out our very first post, “You Are Here” to read more about what you’ll find here.

More About Us

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion
We believe in keeping things simple, in keeping relationships real, and that there is nothing wrong with making business personal.
What we do (products & services)
14 West offers the leaders behind The Agora Companies the white glove services of seasoned, administrative professionals. While they focus on new ideas, 14 West ensures the well-being of their enterprises and workplaces.

Contact Information

Company Name
14 West
Number of Employees
14 West Mount Vernon Place
Baltimore, Maryland, 21201
United States