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poweredbyCULTURE Senseonics in Germantown MD


Healthcare / Benefits
Germantown, Maryland

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How do We Define Our Culture
Our mission is to help people with diabetes live their lives confidently and with ease.
What we do (products & services)
Senseonics, Inc. is a medical device developing transformative glucose monitoring products that are intended to enable people with diabetes to confidently live their lives with ease. Utilizing breakthrough fluorescence sensing technology, the Senseonics continuous glucose monitoring ("CGM"​) system is being designed to be the first fully implantable CGM that is highly accurate and stable throughout its long sensor life.

About Senseonics

Senseonics, Incorporated is an innovative medical device company in Germantown, Maryland, USA (near Washington, DC) developing transformative glucose monitoring products.

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Germantown, Maryland
United States

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The Eversense CGM
The Eversense CGM

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