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Atlas Container Corporation

Severn, MD 21144 US

About Atlas Container Corporation

Founded in 1968, Atlas Container Corporation is one of the largest and fastest-growing independent manufacturers of corrugated boxing and packaging in the mid-Atlantic.  

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What we do (products & services)
Atlas offers modern technology to service its customers’ requirements. Its fully integrated computer software allows process, manufacture and custom orders from normal to short lead-times. The average lead time for orders has decreased from eight-working days to three. Almost 40 percent of Atlas orders are delivered today, tomorrow or the next day. Its on-time delivery rate is 99 percent (compared to the industry average of 75 percent.) Many customer orders are purchased and delivered on the same day. Atlas calls itself the “FedX of the box business”.

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Atlas Container Corporation
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Severn, Maryland, 21144
United States

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Atlas Container Corporation

Welcome to the most important part of Atlas Container, our people. Our employees drive our success. They are enthusiastic,... View More